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An introduction to X-GOVUK

The GOV.UK crown viewed from above.

Hello! X-GOVUK is an unofficial community-maintained space for people working on government digital services in the UK.

The “X” stands for “cross”, as in “cross-government”.

Collaboration across department and organisational boundaries within government is often very tricky, for all sorts of practical and cultural reasons.

But it can also be incredibly rewarding and save a lot of time, by sharing designs, code, and research findings.

The “X” also stands for “experimental”, as this can be a space for ideas that aren’t yet proven.

Projects include:

The X-GOVUK homepage also contains a list of useful design, content, prototyping and front-end resources from across government.

You can contribute links by opening a pull request on the GitHub source for this website – or by reaching out to any of us on the cross-government Slack.