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Adding a feed

Allow people to subscribe to your posts and read them in a feed reader

You can add a feed using the XML Atom format by following these instructions.

Create a feed

To create a feed, add a file named feed.njk with the following content:

eleventyExcludeFromCollections: true
layout: feed
permalink: /feed.xml
  size: 20
  reverse: true

The permalink value is the location of the generated feed.

Create a collection of pages

The feed will include all pages in the collection referenced by the data key of the pagination object.

You can create a collection by adding some code to your eleventy.config.js:

eleventyConfig.addCollection('post', (collection) => {
  return collection.getFilteredByGlob('app/posts/*.md')

Add the URL of your feed to your options

To make the feed discoverable, add the full URL of your feed as feedUrl within the options for this plugin in your .eleventy.config.js options file:

const govukEleventyPlugin = require('@x-govuk/govuk-eleventy-plugin')

eleventyConfig.addPlugin(govukEleventyPlugin, {
  feedUrl: 'feed.xml'

This will then add an invisible <link> to the feed within the <head> of every page to enable feed readers to easily find the feed.

You may also want to link to the feed within your site itself.