Welcome to X-GOVUK

A community-maintained collection of resources which are useful for working on GOV.UK services.


GOV.UK Components

Lightweight Ruby on Rails components for developing with the GOV.UK Design System.

GOV.UK Design History

Document and share design decisions. Create a permanent record of how your service has developed over time.

GOV.UK Eleventy Plugin

Write documentation using Markdown and publish it using GOV.UK styles.

GOV.UK Form Builder

A form builder for Ruby on Rails that’s compatible with the GOV.UK Design System.

GOV.UK Prototype Components

Use common components that are not yet part of the GOV.UK Design System.

GOV.UK Prototype Filters

Prototype with data using helpful template filters.

GOV.UK Services List

A catalogue of digital services from the UK government and its agencies.


Maintaining a list of GOV.UK services

Why the community has built a list of over 400 digital UK government services, including links to source code and service assessments, and how you can contribute.


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