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Product page

Layout for product and marketing pages.

View an example page that uses this layout (opens in a new tab)

This layout, based on the component used on GOV.UK product pages, can be useful if you need a product or marketing page.

To use this layout, make product the value for a page’s layout key:

layout: product
title: Page title

Page content

In addition to common front matter options, this layout also accepts the following options:

Name Type Description
startButton object Start button. Appears below the title and any description.
startButton.text string Text for the start button (default is ‘Get started’).
startButton.href string URL or page the start button should link to.
image object Product image. Appears to the right of the page title, and is hidden on mobile.
image.src string Path to product image.
image.alt string Alternative text for product image.